Della Q-Satchel


Truly a maker’s carryall, the Satchel is a chic doctor’s bag and is the largest handbag available in our Lotus Collection. Now equipped with a hard case opening, great for keeping your bag propped open to knit or crochet out of, a strong, flat bottom with feet, to keep its shape even when resting on the floor, two secure clasp closures to keep projects and valuables safe inside, and plenty of pockets and room for projects.

The Satchel, like all Makers bags in the Lotus Collection, features soft genuine leather with brass accents, an adjustable shoulder strap, and maker-specific accessories including a yarn feeder and cutter, a decorative pin with 3 emergency lotus stitch markers, and will be available in Black, Mustard, Olive, Red, & Purple.

DIMENSIONS 35cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 31cm(H)


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