Algonquin Kit
Algonquin Kit
Algonquin Kit
This wonderfully creative design is a lot of fun to knit and wear. (not to mention fast to knit)
Knit using Humbug and Thatch.

Sizes: 36/38 and 40/42
Size 36/38 uses a 7mm needle and size 40/42 uses an 8mm needle

Yarn: Kit contains 3 skeins of Humbug (100% wool, Blue Face Leicester and Welsh wools 113m/125g) and two skeins of Thatch (100% wool 83m/125g)

Fleece Artist yarns are wonderfully hand dyed in a fabulous array of colours, please click here to view our colour page.

Price includes pattern: $99.00 CAN
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