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All classes are to be booked by phone and must be paid in full at time of booking. If a class is cancelled by either myself or the instructor, a full refund will be issued.
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Kate Atherley

Saturday March 25th, 2017, 10am-12pm (2 hours)
On the Edge (12 students Maximum)
Skill level: advanced beginner/intermediate

Description: Struggling with too-tight edges? Can't get your mittens on? Garment necklines too tight? This session will show you key techniques for ensuring stretchy edges: a variety of flexible cast ons, some very helpful bind offs, and tips for making them easier and better. (You'll never run out of tail on your long tail cast on again!) We'll also talk about how to make the side edges of your pieces better, whether for one-piece items like scarves, or for pieces that are to be sewn up.

Materials required: 4.5mm/US #7 needles and scrap yarn in a light color.

Cost $45

Saturday March 25th, 2017, 12:30pm-3:30pm (3 hours)
Socks 101 (10 students Maximum)
Skill level: advanced beginner/intermediate
- knitters must be comfortable with knit, purl, ribbing and decreasing; some experience working in the round is preferable but not absolutely required

Description: Learn how to make top-down socks on double-pointed needles. Starting with a mini “training sock”, we teach you everything you need to know to knit socks - from working in the round to turning the heel to shaping the toe. Once you’ve mastered the mini, we get you started on your first full-size sock.

Materials required: 4 or 4.5mm/US #7 dpns and some scrap aran or worsted weight yarn in a light color

Cost $60

Charles Voth

Charles has been crocheting for 41 years and knitting for 35. His father bought him his first needles, hooks and yarn and found him the teachers he needed. By 15-years-old, Charles was designing for himself and his friends and family. He worked in a LYS for 3 years during university. Charles is an ESL teacher during the day, and an avid yarnie the rest of the time, even stitching at his sons’ tennis matches or regattas.

He currently designs for magazines and books, and technical edits for Vogue Knitting, Interweave Crochet, and Inside Crochet (UK). He is so busy that after 19 years of marriage his wife finally decided she’d have to learn to knit for herself since he hadn’t made much more than a few socks and vests for her since they started dating.

Saturday, April 8th (3 hours), 10am-1pm
Tunisian in the round

This fun and fast Tunisian crochet project brings a whole new meaning to modular circle motif blankets...speed! Whether you are using up odds and ends of yarn or whether you cordinated a family of colours, or even if you use the same colour for each frame, but use a gradient yarn in the circles, this project will be done in no time. In this class we'll review tunisian crochet stitches, we'll learn how to make the circle and how to frame it into a square. In no time, you'll be popping out 2 or 3 motifs in an evening.

Materials: 2 skeins of Estelle Worsted (included in course price) and your hook

Cost $70

Saturday, April 8th (2 hours), 1:30pm-3:30pm
Joining Crochet or knit squares

There are many different ways to join crocheted square, whether they be granny squares or other boxy motifs. In this class you will learn 2 sewing techniques and 2 crochet techniques to join motifs to make blankets, cushion covers, ponchos, or whatever you can come up with. The techniques will also work with knit squares that have 1 round of single-crochet edging. Please come with several squares already made so we can get right to the class content. Once you are enrolled in the class, feel free to contact Charles (charles@charlesvothdesigns.ca) for a copy of the instructions to make the squares in the photo. This class is a great follow up to the morning class so you can learn how to put your Tunisian squares together.

Materials: Your squares, a darning needle and the crochet hook you used to make your squares.

Cost $45

Saturday, May 6th (3 hours), 10am-1pm
Orange Blossom Stich

The orange blossom stitch is relatively new to the crochet world. It shares some similarity to the bobble stitch and other 3-dimensional stitches. It's very springy and cushiony and perfect for warmth and comfort. Learn the stitch and then make a cowl with 1 skein of Mineville hand-dyed yarn. Or learn the stitch and how to work it from corner to corner to make large squares which can be sewn together into a blanket. Come to Linda's classroom to make these squeezable pillows of goodness!

Materials: 1 skein Mineville single DK (included in course price) and your hook

Cost $70

Saturday, May 6th (2 hours), 1:30am-3:30pm
Two Handed Fair Isle

If you're tired of carrying 2 colours of yarn in your yarn hand when knitting fairisle, this class will help you, particularly those of you who don't know how to knit or purl with the continental technique. We'll learn the continental knit and purl stitches in the context of 2-colour stranded (fairisle) knitting and review some tips and details to be mindful of to make this approach your favourite way to knit with colours.

Materials:Two colours of the same weight yarn and appropriate needles

Cost $45

To book a class, please call 1-905-274-4115

Prices are subject to change


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